Learning Log Assignment

Writing a learning log for Ed Tech 501 is a foundational skill that I will take away from the introductory class. It conforms to  several of the AECT Standards, according to the AECT website: “Standard 2: Development, with the sub-standard 2.0.7 “Contribute to a professional portfolio by developing and selecting a variety of productions for inclusion in the portfolio” as well as Standard 4.4: Information Management.”

Actually, developing my portfolio was one of the key attractions for me in getting this degree. I wanted to get back into the world of design since I had done design in the early days of my journalism career. However, most Master level design programs require you to have a portfolio to even enter the program, which I did not have. So this was a way for me to develop a professional design portfolio that I might eventually show to my design/ media/ art clients.

As for information management, the EDTECH 501 learning log allows me to keep all of my work in one place as well as allowing me to comment on what I’ve learned so that over a long period of time, I can put it into context. I spoke to Dr. Hsu about starting some independent research on graphic novels in the classroom–both traditional book as well as the online kind, so the learning log will be a place for me to put this information as well so that I might use it for a larger project later on or just help me to develop ideas for my own novels.

Here’s the rubric for the assignment.

  1. Introduction Video posted to blog or artifacts page and includes embedded YouTube video. (20 points)
  2. Category widget appears with AECT Standards assigned to Introduction Video post. (10 points)
  3. Home page includes a brief bio and image. (10 points)
  4. AECT Standards Table page includes AECT Standards Table. (10 points)
  5. EDTECH Courses page includes link to EDTECH 501 Course Syllabus (PDF) file. (10 points)
  6. Tag Cloud widget included, with tag “501” visible assigned to Introduction Video post. (10 points)
  7. At least one other widget included, such as “Blogroll” widget with appopriate edtech links. (10 points)
  8. Learning Log menu structure and design is clear and intuitive to navigate. (20 points)

This along with my EDTECH 501 Introduction Video have proven to be some of the key skills I’ve added to my portfolio in the first few weeks of school, so I feel like I’m on my way!