Home: Buffy Naillon’s EDTECH Learning Log

Buffy Naillon outside the BSU Modern Languages Department

The purpose of this blog is to act as a receptacle of information that I’m learning in the Boise State University Master of Educational Technology (M.E.T.) program; it will be my learning log and will not only demonstrate how each project aligns with the AECT Standards for Educational Technology, but will be a place where I can reflect on what I’m learning in the program and in my independent research about the subject.

I stumbled upon the BSU Ed Tech program quite by accident. Since graduating with my undergraduate degree in 2009, I just started looking at the BSU website and exploring programs that I was unfamiliar with. That brought me to the online link on the main page and to the Ed Tech program.

I can’t lie. The first thing that attracted me to the program was the idea that I could learn more about multimedia as well as using tools that I love like graphic novels and video games to teach. I myself had used German-learning video games extensively to get my language skills in shape as I studied German at the undergraduate level, and when I taught German last year at BSU, I regularly sent my students to YouTube, started forums on Facebook and introduced them to the video games that helped me.

Additionally, I know because of my background in the media that these tools were becoming more and more important. It’s not enough just to be a writer these days (which is how I currently make my living), but to really have a competitive edge, one must also know how to make videos, put together mobile apps, understand project management and have design skills. The Ed Tech program would give me those skills.

Over the course of the next several years of working I came back to the Ed Tech website. I wasn’t quite ready for graduate school, but I also couldn’t leave the idea of it alone. And I also felt like even though I may not use the Ed Tech degree in the way that most use it—that is to use technology in the classroom—it really would be the best degree to help me accomplish my professional goals and more importantly, help me to communicate better—something that a person working in the communication field must do. The M.E.T. would also provide me with a professional degree and teach me how to be a good teacher should I want to become an instructor at a community college or in a corporate setting.

Finally, I applied to the program this year and was accepted. Although I still had my reservations about returning to school, I was thrilled when I got the acceptance letter from the program. I was also pleased to see the addition of classes that weren’t on the roster when I first started looking at the Ed Tech program (like mobile app development) and to see that professors in the program were earning impressive awards and starting interesting businesses based on their research at BSU. That encouraged me, because I felt like the program could open a lot of doors for me and be fun at the same time.